• AKC Adult Pugs

  • $1,500
We have some adult pugs that are in need of a loving and nurturing home. We have the following adult pugs available: Ruby (AKC black female - 6 years old) for $1500, Snickers (AKC fawn male - 7 yrs old) for $1500, Annie (purebred but do not have AKC papers - fawn female - 5 yrs old) for $1500, Bandit (AKC fawn male - 11 yrs old) and Katie (AKC black female - 10 yrs old) are Free but must be re-homed together. Bandit and Katie are older and enjoy each other's company.

Ruby is jealous of other pugs and will do best in a single pet/pug home. She is very affectionate and does not like to share the attention. Snickers and Annie came from the same breeder however we cannot keep Snickers as we already have another male. They are both beautiful pugs. Bandit and Katie have grown up together and need to stay together. We would keep them however, our younger male has been picking on Bandit and we need to find them a loving home together.

For more information call 704-928-5363 or email amysellslakenorman@gmail.com
(704) 928 - 5363