• Nice companion pit bull mix (not AKC registered)

  • $50
Beautiful female pit bull mix who is gentle and cuddly and comes with a story. Bailey is four years old, forty-five pounds, housebroken, in excellent health and up to date on all her shots. Here's her story: She has gotten a "forever" home three times. One lasted eight days, one lasted almost a year, and one lasted a little over a year. We fostered her before each adoption through a shelter, so we have gotten to know her. We took her on a twenty-three hour road trip; we know that she loves car rides. We have almost three acres of fenced farm where she loves to run.

In the past, she was friends with two small dogs. Unfortunately, this last time she came to us, somebody had messed with her and she was aggressive toward all dogs. (She has never shown any aggression toward people.) She has settled down and now gets along with three of our four dogs. However, even after four months at home with us, she and our fourth dog fight and hurt each other. We think she should be an only dog, just to be safe. Also, when she runs, she is high energy, so she would do best in a home with just adults.

Like many dogs, Bailey likes attention. When she is not running outside, she likes to be with people inside. In the evening, she puts her head and front paws on a lap for petting. She really is a loving girl. She would love to be with someone who is home most of the time. She knew "sit" when we got her and we are teaching her "heel", "down", "stay" and "come". She is motivated to learn by bits of hot dogs (which she takes very gently).

We will ask you to fill out an application to adopt Bailey with your veterinarian's name as a reference. Please understand that we have to be careful. If you adopt her and then take her to animal control, she will die (we took her off death row). We have to do our best to make sure that she really does go to a FOREVER home this time--thus the application. We are also asking for a $50.00 re-homing fee for two reasons. First, folks who can't afford $50.00 probably can't afford proper veterinary care, heartworm prevention meds and flea meds. Second, people take better care of things (including pets) that they pay for.

If you (or someone you know) have a very big fenced yard, where Bailey would be an only dog, no cats, are home most of the time, have no kids at home and would like to learn more about a smart, gentle, loving companion who follows you around the house,

please call us at 916-813-7173. Thank you.
(916) 813 - 7173

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