STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA ) ) IN THE FAMILY COURT COUNTY OF YORK ) SIXTHTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT ) Daniel Erdy, ) ) Plaintiff, ) SUMMONS ) vs. ) ) Alisha Erdy and Travis Lee York, ) ) 2018-DR-46-640 Defendants. ) )
TO THE DEFENDANTS: Alisha Erdy and Travis Lee York
YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED and required to answer the Complaint in this action and to serve a copy of your Answer on the undersigned at, South Carolina Legal Services, 214 Johnston Street, Rock Hill, SC 29730, within thirty-five (35) days after the last date of publication. If you fail to answer the complaint within that time, Plaintiff shall apply to the court for a judgment by default against you for the relief demanded in said Complaint. The Complaint was filed with the York County Family Court on April 6, 2018. A hearing in this matter is scheduled for January 15, 2019 at 2:30p.m.
LELIA B FERGUSON Bar No.: 17035 South Carolina Legal Services 214 Johnston Street Rock Hill, SC 29730 (803) 327-9001 November 5, 2018 LP3945577